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2002 TVR Cerbera 4.5 Lightweight

420bhp of prime British muscle. This is TVR's flagship model, and features a 4.5 litre flat-plane V8. Since my ownership it has undergone a Nitron/Eibach suspension upgrade, an ACT silicone induction system, and decatted exhaust.


  • Supercar Sunday 2010

    26/07/2010 12:27:00

    I was pretty excited about this, the first show I would be displaying my car at, and also the first time I got to take it on the track! It was only about 20 miles away for me, but even so I was expecting to see miles of supercars snaking up the M...

  • Final word on the cleaning

    26/07/2010 11:20:00

    Okay, so it appears that some of my readers from Facebook didn't take too kindly to my review of cleaning products, I thought it would help other people like myself who wanted some unbiased opinions on the overwhelming choice of products making al...

  • Slowest thing about a it!

    02/06/2010 20:44:00

    Well it was a bit of a disappointment on Saturday as the weather was rubbish, but nevertheless I still had Sunday and Monday left to clean it. Despite spending those two days solidly working on the car, all I've managed to achieve so far is to was...

  • Holy f****** s***!

    28/05/2010 20:50:00

    This car is insane! I picked it up first thing this morning, after a torturingly long journey up to Bradford to collect it. So how is it? Well with 420bhp, rear wheel drive, and an all-in weight of around a tonne, I was expecting it to be a reall...

  • In search of perfection

    27/05/2010 11:43:00

    Okay, so I have been planning, saving and dying for a new everyday car now for the last two years. It started off at the beginning of summer 2008 when I found that I could pick up an Audi TT for not too much money. Of course, as these things often...